Escape Artists Special Project Teams

This is a portal for special projects including anthologies, collections, and public domain research.

This is a portal for special projects including anthologies, collections, and public domain research. This is not intended for consideration of new individual stories.

The following submission types are temporarily closed:

Anthologies and Collections

There are a number of short stories in anthologies and collections, specifically those that have been or will be published in 2021, that deserve to get in front of more readers. We want to shine more light across our community and widen our circle to make room for more writers and readers. In specific, PseudoPod has penciled out space in a large portion of November and early December 2021 to support this effort.

Currently Closed to Submissions

Public Domain Consideration

Submissions for Escape Artists Special Project Teams - this portal is for the consideration of stories in the public domain. Our annual public domain effort is largely to combat erasure in speculative fiction. People are aware of Mary Shelley and then there’s a fuzzy grey void containing stuff and then modern writers. We are uniquely positioned to help apply focus to those gaps and educate. We sift a pile of stories that will be entering the public domain next year. We collaborate as a team to identify what is the best example to share with the world, with a particular eye towards stories from women or authors that are not as well known to the public at large.

Currently Closed to Submissions

Southern Nightmares Volume 2: Smothered, Scattered, and Covered

Southern Nightmares Volume Two: Smothered, Scattered, & Covered will be the second anthology organized as a group effort from members of the Atlanta Chapter of the Horror Writers Association. The primary themes are community, hospitality, and food. Bonus points if you can work in a 24-hour diner organically. Each author may submit one original, one reprint, and up to three poems. Check out this post for Submission Guidelines: We're going to be aiming for a crowdfunding campaign in the spring, and this will include as a minimum a $0.05/word payment, as required for qualification for full membership participation in HWA. Reprints will be paid at a $100 flat rate and poems at 25¢ per line or $5 each. Payment and wordcount may be increased depending on attainment of crowdfunding stretch goals. Should crowdfunding fail to be successful, we will fall back to the revenue sharing paradigm established for the first volume as outlined in our previous post. We are aiming for an aggregate length of the stories and poems to be between 60,000 and 75,000 words. We will consider any story up to 6,000 words in length, with a preferred word count in the vicinity of 4,000 words. We will consider a limited number of reprints, if you have a story that perfectly matches the theme. The preponderance of the stories in this anthology will be original publications. This is approximately 15 to 20 slots for short fiction (no more than five reprints) and maybe 10 slots for poems. While not required, we would especially like to hear from fellow HWA members. Submissions will open from February 18, 2022 through March 6, 2022.

Currently Closed to Submissions