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Anthologies and Collections

There are a number of short stories in anthologies and collections, specifically those that have been or will be published in 2020, that deserve to get in front of more readers. We want to shine more light across our community and widen our circle to make room for more writers and readers. In specific, PseudoPod has penciled out space in a large portion of November and early December 2020 to support this effort. Some of the other 'casts may also join in this call. PseudoPod will be reading during the spring and summer to allow for reading the books and scheduling the stories.

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Public Domain Consideration

Submissions for Escape Artists Special Project Teams - this portal is for the consideration of stories in the public domain. Our public domain effort is largely to combat erasure in speculative fiction. People are aware of Mary Shelley and then there’s a fuzzy grey void containing stuff and then modern writers. We are uniquely positioned to help apply focus to those gaps and educate. We sift out a pile of stories that have already entered the public domain from a number of authors, particularly women, and then collaborate as a team to identify what is the best example to share with the world.

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